MP4 HEVC Frame height and width

Tried to get frame height and width columns working using tag %_video_height% and %_video_width% in value and field and nothing seems to work. I need to show the video file height and width instead of using mediainfo for each file.

Any ideas anyone?

Mp3tag currently only supports MP4V and AVC/H.264, not HEVC/H.265 MP4 video. It's on my list and I'll come back here once it's implemented.

Thank you. Will keep an eye on this threads. Do you have an estimate date, i.e 3 months.. 6months?

More like 3 days :smile:

I've added support for MP4 HEVC with Mp3tag v2.91a.

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That was quick ha ha. cheers.

However frame height and width do not appear.

I did a test and suddenly i had 2 video files showing chapters that wasn't showed by mp3tag before. Mediainfo confirmed the chapters exist. I used strip chapters and the chapters disappeared. But i check with mediainfo and mkvtools and both showed the chapters still exist. Also to my horror it showed that was 2 audio files. Normally i only keep one in order to conserve space. Is it not possible that when mp3tag detect more than one audio file, another audio column should be created?


Can you select the file and press Ctrl + T and check whether %_video_height% and %_video_width% show anything?

The other issue you're describing I don't understand. If it doesn't relate to MP4 HEVC, please open another topic if it's relevant.

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Does it show hev1 or hvc1 as codec in MediaInfo for the files that don't show the video dimensions?

Thanks for the example file. It's using the hvc1 codec, which is a different form of HEVC and not yet supported (I've covered hev1 so far).

I've added support for hvc1 with Mp3tag v2.91c.