Multiple Tag Panel Configurations

I'm sorry but I still find it very difficult to follow threads in this new community forum interface. That said, I believe I made the following request a month or two ago, but I don't have any idea if anyone responded to this particular question. (There used to be an option to receive an email notification when someone responds to a topic I started.)

Since it is now possible to save and recall different configurations of the tag panel, it is necessary to us to be able to see the "name" of the current tag panel configuration at the top of the tag panel, in the same way that the current file directory is displayed. (Of course, neither the directory name or the name of the panel configuration in use should be written as a Vorbis comment.)

If two tag panel configurations are very similar, it is not a simple matter to determine which one is active. For example, we have created a certain configuration for use with popular albums and yet another one for use with albums or collections that include many tracks that are medleys with multiple tunes, each with a different name and composer(s). There will also be a configuration for Classical Music, again requiring some different field names in the tag panel.

A user should be able to see the name of the current tag panel configuration and the active directory when editing in the tag panel.

To ensure that the required metadata is present before completing their work, we ask that they use the tag panel almost exclusively for adding, checking and correcting metadata. This ensures that the various team members contributing to our project can be confident that they are using the correct configuration before beginning to tag a particular collection.

Since I'm the one that creates these configurations and then maintains around 10 workstations used by a number of volunteers, this is really important to us.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

Dennis, aka "d2b"

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