Multiple Tag Panels

Hello Florian & Community:

I am new to MP3Tag and Metadata input in general.
I write songs, record my music, and create videos for them.
I am looking forward to learning from the 10 Introductory Course Emails.

Is it possible to have several "Tag Panels"?
I'd like to create one panel for "In Depth" Metadata Information.
And one panel for "Essential" Metadata.

Thanks / vOz

You can only use 1 Tag Panel, but you can customize it to your needs.

You could save such defined panels using Utils → Save configuration... and switch between them with Utils → Load configuration...

If you are looking for some kind of presets:
The Tag Panel is always showing the existing metadata content of one or more selected files from your File List.

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Additionally I'd suggest trying the tag panel in a horizontal orientation, such as seen in these GIFs. It allows for generally more tags to be seen and edited, while not taking up much more space in the window than a vertical tag panel and by default dynamically adjusts to being resized.

Thanks Lauren Bacall,
You have me thinking. I am pretty impressed with your GIFs! Not sure how you create those but they are very nice and informative. I have thought about going horizontal, but I often split my screen horizontally and that has stopped me from doing so. If I only worked full screen, it would definitely be the way to go.

And WELCOME to the community vOz!

I use ScreenToGIF, which makes it easy to capture regions.

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