Multiple Value Tags


How do I create multiple values for a tag? Can I do it without having to use the 'Extended Tags' option and entering a tag's value multiple times?

Specifically, I am tagging FLAC files and want to enter, for example, multiple artists or composers on a single track.


Mehrere Interpreten vom Dateinamen in den Tag übernehmen

You can separate each value by using two backslashes. Example: "Sash!\\Tina Cousins"


Thanks, I'll try it!


I've tried using two backslashes in the Artist tag, but when I use the flac file with SlimServer, it (SlimServer) shows one artist just as I had orginally entered it with the two backslashes.

I do not think that it is a Slim Server issue, but I am not sure. Is there a program that dumps the flac tags so I can determine if there is only one or two Artist tags?



metaflac can show the tags. - included in FLAC 1.1.2 for Windows (tools only)

Or try a hex editor.


I looked at a flac file with a hex editor. It appears that using two backslashes does not create two separate tags. See the attached file which is an image from the editor. I did not send the entire file because of its size. Thanks,


You must use the tag panel, it's not supported in the columns.
Or if you want to use the columns, just press Ctrl+S after you have entered it.