Music Filename To TAG Fields Artist & Title

I have all my music stored with filenames ex. like this :slight_smile:

Jellybean - The Real Thing (1987)

Now , what kind of string can I use in filename to tag, to extract the and populate the "Artist , Title , Year"
If I use the format string : ARTIST - TITLE , only artist field is populated with the complete filename OR title with the complete filename , but not separated ...
Is here a possibility to add screenshots so I can show it...

Thx for help

Yes, there is:

Also see:

Hi ,
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Here is a screenshot from how I want it to be automatically rename, in this screenshot I did it all manually... So left is the filename , containing : Artist - Title (Year)
This info need to be converted to the corresponding tags .. HOW and where do I need to fill in the strings ... I try with the convertor ... but I loose always , OR the artist, or the title ..

Thanks in advance
Kind regards ,

Oh, you are on a Mac!

Still, try as
Formatstring: %artist% (%year%) - %title%

Yes right on a Mac :slight_smile:
But I try what you proposed , now the "CONVERT" button stays greyed out .. cannot click on that , meaning strings not good :frowning: sorry ...

Every character and space counts.
Also, it could be that the hyphen in the filename is not the hyphen that you (can) enter via the keyboard but only looking like one.
So, what happens, if you copy and paste that character?
I think that the converter has a preview that dynamically shows what would be put into which field - if you type in the formatstring - up to which character does the preview work?

By entering "artist "

By entering the other strings ,, this :frowning:

at least for the longer string you are missing the brackets and the hyphen.
i would have expected the format string to work at least up to the opening brackets.

Can you give an example please ? As I don’t understand the word hyphen …I’m Dutch .. :slight_smile:

hyphen = the "minus" character between (1996) and Jump for Joy

Have you tried to copy&paste that character from the filename?

Hi again,
Sorry to annoy you with this ... I tryed the following. see screenshot , almost ok , but now its also separating the year field , which is ok for filling up the year tag , but I want the year also after the artist like in the filename...

It seems that this did the trick now !! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick support :slight_smile: