Music files disapear the re appear when opening a folder

I have a folder set up on my SSD drive and when I open an album folder the files start to disappear like there being deleted then start to rebuild/appear again. This takes 30seconds or so, but very frustrating and slow. I have run virus software, optimised the drive, formatted the drive etc but still no different. I cant find anything on line to point what might be the issue. I have even transferred the files to a different drive and still it does the same. If anyone has a solution, or ideas why this is happening i would be most grateful

It is not clear to me what you mean b<

I would like to know how you

(from within Mp3tag, wit d&d from Explorer or similar, from the explorer context menu)

What kind of files are these?
Which OS is running?
What is your antivirus program?

Mixture of MP3 and FLAC.
Running windows 10
Bit defender antivirus.
Run virus checks several times.
Formatted the drive
Optimised the drive
Updated drivers
Run Check disk
Run a memory diagnostic
Don't know what else to try

Just wanted to make sure that you are not running a Mac.
There have been reports about the Windows defender to slow down the loading of files

But if that does not play a role on your PC (please make sure that it really does not), then we have to look elsewhere: