MusicBrainz Field Mappings not Up-to-Date

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I realised this just now when I tagged some files with MusicBrainz Picard and then tried to use another websource using data from MusicBrainz.

Apparently the tag field mappings used by Mp3tag are a little out of date compared to what MusicBrainz uses now.

Files tagged with Picard look like this:

Currently it's kind of a pain to work with both Picard and Mp3tag (I have to use Picard for the scanning from time to time which is why I never noticed before)

Picard's Mappings can be found here

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THis is how the web source script writes the tags.

There is no "mapping".

MP3tag displays theses field names:
The standard ones as suggested by the standard
The user-defined ones that you used
The ones that you used for manipulation and got imported e.g. by a web-source.

If you reset the field list e.g. in the Convert-Tag-Tag function (click on the button with the right-arrow and select "reset list"), you will see that the non-standard field names are gone.

IMHO this is not a bug but a request to modify the web source.

Ah OK so the tag-tag converter just shows whatever Field Names have been used previously then, ok :slight_smile:

So this is indeed an "issue" with the websource :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'll post it there and/or update the websource myself to the latest "official" field names :slight_smile:

Didn't even see the "reset list", never needed it so far.

I was about to create a topic about my problem but after some thoughts it might be linked to what you reported...

I wanted to tag an album of Air using the import tool for MusicBrainz. It worked all well, except it didn't import the year nor the cover of the album, which i found suspect, as it's quite a well known album. <_<
So i gave a look at the web page from which the tool had imported the tags (here), on which you can see the release year and cover are preset. So i guess this problem comes somewhere from MP3tag, perhaps from where Mihawk90 pointed at !

So yeah.

I think that reports on the benefits and shortcomings of web sources are no bug reports but should be discussed in the web sources part of this forum.

I've fixed this with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.88b.

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