My Format Strings history is missing

I had a couple of strings saved for Filename - Tag but they're missing and the dropdown window is blank. Also, my entire history of strings is also missing. They were all there yesterday. This might have happened when I restarted my machine this morning, but I don't know. All of my columns and tag panel layout are still intact.

  • Is there a way to get the format strings back?
  • How were they deleted?

I doubt that a restart deletes just and only the input history of one particular application esp. if that application is not even running. And even if it would be running, it would get the shutdown command from the OS.

Does your current problem have something to do with this?

I don't think so. I had to reinstall Windows and MP3Tag since then. I used the configuration those backups when I restored MP3Tag but it's been working without a hitch the entire year.

Then I think there is little hope that anyone from the distance can tell you where those strings went.
If you still have the old configuration data, you could try to use that.

Gotcha. What's the best way to view what's in the old config file? Should I just backup the current one and restore it if the old config is too outdated?

Yes, backup copies are always a good idea.
You are right: save the current configuration, store it in an extra place, restore the old configuration and test that.
if the old one is too old, you can simply overwrite it with the saved configuration data.

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