My way to effectively create homogenous tags

Hello all ! Glad I discovered mp3tag to help organize my recording library.
I'm trying to (slowly) figure out the subtleties of mp3tag.

What I am trying to do is to create tags in this format :
Composer: worktitle (opera title or name of larger work) - movement (or aria, or such...)
As an example :
Adam: Le Chalet - Romance "Adieu, vous que j'ai tant chérie"
In order to do that, I have created, in addition to the composer tag (ADAM, Adolphe (1803-1856), new tags :
"Comp:" : = the composer's name in lower case, and ":"
"Work title" : Le Chalet
and the "Mouvement" : Romance "Adieu, vous que j'ai tant chérie"

So when I concatenate "Comp." "Work title" & " & "Mouvement", I can get the final Title.
But I have not yet found a way to get the info from the 3 tags I have created.

Furthermore, when I type ADAM • Le Chalet [Tourniaire] as the album title, it insists on writing Adam in lower case letters no matter what... What did I do wrong ?
Thanks for any help I can get. I'v fought for many years with the Itunes tagging, finding ways to compensate for a system which doesn't give much thoughts to the specificities of managing classical music tags, and I think MP3tag can be a wonderful tool to find solutions, which maybe can also satisfy the needs of other classical music lovers.

Oh, and by the way, another question which I have not figured out yet : on my samsung mobile music app, there IS a difference between "folders" and "albums", when there should not be... Any solutions ?
THANKS a million !

Yes: folders is something for the OS, albums is a concept relying on metadata. So fill the ALBUM fields in your files and the player should be satisfied.

To write the contents of several fields into one, try an action of the type "Format value" or use Convert>Tag-Tag for the target field with
Format string: %comp%: %work title% %movement%
The convert function has the advantage of a preview.

There is definitely a difference between folders and albums. Depending on the player app, these may appear in different ways. I have several recommended player apps for Android in another thread that may provide alternatives to your current player. Some are better than others when it comes to handling classical music. Feel free to give them a test drive.

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