NAS Write failures

When I merge/save songs from my Linksys ReadyNAS 314, I get this error message: “Cannot write tags to file "01 - Checkered Flag.flac" in folder "Gotta Have the Rumble””, regardless of Modification flag.

After reading the posts, I have disabled the Plex app to no avail. I even rebooted the NAS. Same error.

Think I will go back to the Tag app. At least it writes the files w/o the date creation/modification issues I posted about yesterday. Bummed!

Could you check whether this helps:

You could also try and see if (set to streaming) produces any details on that error. shows these 3 entries for mp3tag:

error 06:12:50.373805-0500 Mp3tag Error when requesting length of object: '9'.
error 06:12:50.373904-0500 Mp3tag Exception at reading FLAC metadata from '/Volumes/Music/FLAC/Rock/Brian Setzer/Gotta Have the Rumble/04 - The Wrong Side Of The Tracks.flac': Length of object is unknown.
error 06:12:50.375854-0500 Mp3tag Cannot write tags to file 04 - The Wrong Side Of The Tracks.flac in folder Gotta Have the Rumble (cannotWrite(file:///Volumes/Music/FLAC/Rock/Brian%20Setzer/Gotta%20Have%20the%20Rumble/04%20-%20The%20Wrong%20Side%20Of%20The%20Tracks.flac))

Hope this is readable. Again, the Tag app had no problems at all.

Oh, I do have the BluOS software for my Bluesound Node2i. (App is not active, but I know that the little box has a mind of its own!)

Many thanks for the log entries from

When requesting the file length via fstat() the system returns EBADF (which is error 9 from the log) which means Bad file descriptor.

Translated into human language it means that the handle to the previously successfully opened file is no longer valid. I have no idea why this happens at the moment and just tested again with my local NAS accessed via SMB to confirm no such thing is happening here.

I'll have to research this further. If you spot anything, I'd be more than happy to know!

If this is a clue: the file is created by Ondesoft Spotify Converter to my downloads folder and then copied to the NAS. I would be happy to send you the files zipped if you wish.

Update: I just ran it on a CD I had ripped with Windows Media Monkey many years ago, and had the same problem. Seems to be my Netgear/Linksys ReadyNAS.

Thank you for the additional tests.

I've searched through my support archives and found one other instance of this issue on a Netgear ReadyNAS — unfortunately without any resolution.

My guess at this time was that it's something related to the SMB configuration. However, I don't know which settings might affect auto-closing of open file handles, so this isn't of much help either.

I know that Stephen Booth has not updated the Mac Tag app in some time, but it does not illustrate the same issues that I am having. I believe the initial version was open source; not sure what it is now. Perhaps there is a clue there.

Anyway, I appreciate the effort. Sure you don't want to take a look at the raw hex?

Are you using the Tag app from the Mac App Store or a standalone version?

Are you referring to having a look at the actual file? I assume that it's working fine when you copy it over to your local drive, so I don't think that this would show anything.

I believe I got the Mac Tag app (v1.05) from for $5 quite a long time ago.

I always used TextPad on my PCs, or on a Windows VM to look at hex files. I must say that FLAC is no fun to view. Just thought sending one I Tag'd successfully would be useful.

Thanks. (I know I can use Mp3Tag locally, and then copy the file back to the ReadyNAS.)