Need Help about swap field content

Good morning my friends. Another request for technical assistance.

Imagine a field with two content options, for example "word1" and "word2".
How do I exchange? Where it was "word1" becomes "word2".
Where it was "word2" becomes "word1".
What is this for?
I have a collection of Brazilian songs on the pendrive, where the OBS field says "national" and American songs, where the OBS field says "foreign".
To send a copy of this pendrive to a relative who lives in the USA, I need to reverse it.

Another example: my favorite songs, in the OBS field it says "mine", and the girlfriend's favorites, it says "girlfriend".
To send a copy to the girlfriend, where it says "girlfriend" I will change it to "mine", and where it says "mine" I will change it to "boyfriend".

Thanks in advanced

You could start with the FAQ here:

If this does not work for you, please show us a screenshot from a real existing music file
(pressing Alt + T or menu View - Extended Tags)

The problem is to swap content in the same field, not swap the content between 2 different fields.
It could be done using 3 Replace actions:

  1. Replace "word1" with "xyxyxyxy"
  2. Replace "word2" with "word1"
  3. Replace "xyxyxyxy" with "word2"

In that case, one could also try an action of the type "Format value" for that field
Format string: $if($eql(%fieldname%,word1),word2,word1)

A filter should be applied so that really only files with the contents word1 or word2 are treated. Otherwise all other words would be replaced with word1.

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