New Features: Tag Panel for Lyrics in multiple lines

Currently the lyrics (UNSYNCEDLYRICS) can be added at the tag panel but the lyrics are shown in one line only.

Alternately, to read full lyrics in multiple lines, we need to go through four steps:

  1. To select a file at Mp3tag main window
  2. To click Extended tag
  3. To select metadata UNSYNCEDLYRICS
  4. To click edit field

Worse still, to read full lyrics of the next file, we need to go through another four steps:

  1. To close the window of the last edit field
  2. To click forward at the tags window for the next file
  3. To select metadata UNSYNCEDLYRICS again
  4. To click edit field again

This would not be intuitive if we need to edit lyrics for couple of files.

It will be a good development to enlarge the 'one-line' window into 'multiple lines' window with a scrollbar for lyrics at the tag panel. This will make full use of the empty space at the lower part of the tag panel under the cover art, allowing users to view and edit lyrics more conveniently.

I see that this feature is available to other free tag editors such as TagScanner.

Ooh yeah, that would be great and save me LOADS of time.

Any plans for this?



Yeah this would be great. I want this feature also.

Are there any news about this feature?

Ermmm... still can't is it?

I want to display lyrics on the TAG PANEL with multi-lines.. :unsure:

You can with Mp3tag v2.44f

Yep.. It's now available in Mp3Tag 2.45..

Thank you so much! :music:

Just a little bit more.. Can the box be more flexible? :laughing:

As you can see in my attachment.. There's a lot of wasted space below the album cover.. huhuh..

It doesn't look nice, doesn't it? :rolleyes:


The multi-line tag panel option for custom fields in 2.45a is great, but could you let us optionally check that for other fields? I'm thinking mostly of the Comment field.

Currently I have to use the extended tags editor to do multi-line editing there.

You might also let us pick how many lines the multi-line takes on the tag panel, or let us resize it by dragging the bottom edge.