New Improved MusicBrainz

If anybody has any kind of problem with this web source, just email me. I hope you guys will put it to good use.

musicbrainz_cess.src (4.01 KB)

Thanks for your web source! Can you give a little bit more information about the differences to the other MusicBrainz web sources?

It's probably a problem with the default font you're using. Everything looks fine here:

By your request, I've added more information.

Anyways, here's a screenshot of my window. See how it shows it at the top but at the bottom it's all gibberish (it's the same name) so I don't think it's a font problem... And it works in my web browser. Anymore thoughts on this problem?

That's so weird. I removed the year tag from the last two files and the web source displays the right characters. But when I have the year tag filled, the web source gets that gibberish... Weird...

Sorry, but I've really no idea...