New iTunes related field functionality

Hi everyone!

Recently on the new version of Mp3tag there was added support for the following fields:


I know that if you have the correct data in "ITUNESCATALOGID" field as an example, pressing in iTunes application to "Show song in iTunes Store" button, the song will be marked with "Play" button instead of an amount to purchase.

If anyone please knows:

  1. What is the information related to those new iTunes fields? Are those impacting artist profile image, apple music functionality in iPhones like to show more from the artist in music app? Having data for those fields vs. not, will impact on what?
  2. Where can you find the correct data for those fields? is it taken from iTunes store? is it accessible without buying music or only once you purchase music from iTunes you have that data?


You can use the Apple Music API to retrieve the information, but ideally someone already has done the heavy lifting for you (and me and everyone):

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Wow this is quite overwhelming.
Thank you, do you know where I can find the meanings for the fields I mentioned & how to use this script?

I expect that @Florian will update the documentation when he releases the final version of 3.06, or soon thereafter.

For the script, the original release thread is probably the best place to ask.

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Okay thanks! I'll ask there.

After using the iTunes API script that was suggested above, I did some exploratory testing to better understand what impact those iTunes related fields have and I'm still lost.

I get that all those iTunes IDs are related to data in Apple's services..
I found that ITUNESARTISTID adds a profile picture for artist in iTunes on Windows, and that ITUNESALBUMID can show on iPhone to complete album button in screen.. but those behaviors occurred to me with new files, not all existing ones.

If anyone who has any idea about the functionality of the fields I mentioned in the 1st post, please let me know. I tried searching, read documents and sites by Apple, and tested myself each field to notice any changes.. I don't know what to do anymore.