New MP4 Publisher fields not recognized outside of program

I recently installed and started using the newest 64 bit version (stable build 3.22, as well as the 3.22a beta) and have really liked using the product. I have primarily been using the program over the past week to write record label data to the Publisher field on MP3 and MP4 tags. I recently realized that the new Publisher fields I was creating on MP4s are not being read/recognized by other programs. Everything seems fine inside of MP3Tag when writing the tag, and the program can re-load and read Publisher data it's previously written.
However, I've tried reading the new tags on an older machine with a 32 bit version of MP3Tag installed (build 3.00), as well as an console app which leverages the TagLibSharp library to read metadata, but neither of those programs recognized any of the new Publisher fields written on any MP4s. The rest of the fields in the tags were read and appeared as expected, and newly written publisher data existed on all of the affected MP3s. I did not try using any other builds or programs.

see here:

Or perhaps better here:

as that discussion also picks up the problems of Publisher and Label.