New placeholders in export templates?


Hi Florian,

today I wanted to try Mp3tag's export-feature (html_mp3tag) for the first time (Mp3tag v2.18b on Windows 2000 Professional SP4). However, the only entries I got in the resulting HTML page were the following:

%i - %a - %t - %n - %j - %g - %k
%i - %a - %t - %n - %j - %g - %k
%i - %a - %t - %n - %j - %g - %k

So it seems that the new export templates that contain the updated placeholders of Mp3tag v2.17 and above are not installed to the user's folder. I don't know if that's a bug or a feature, so I decided to post it here. Is there a way to install them later?

Regards & thanks,

petit prince


Hi petit prince,

the installer of Mp3tag won't overwrite existing export configurations with updated ones, because many users changed the existing configurations to their specific needs.

You can use the Export configuration converter to convert your configurations.

Best regards,
~ Florian