New tag panel field size "Tiny" is too small?

Since the newest Mp3tag v3.19a you can set the tag panel size to "Tiny" ("Winzig").

On my screen resolution 1920x1200 and 100% font size, such fields are too tiny. They don't have enough space for 4 numbers (as in the YEAR) or 5 numbers (in the 01/10 TRACK) or 4 letters in the GENRE (as "Rock").


125% with "tiny" field size:

125% with "smaller" field size:

For how many numbers or letters was this new "tiny" field size designed?

For comparison on another PC with another screen resolution:
On a screen with 125% font size, the tiny fields looks like this:

125% with "smaller" field size:

I'm the only one seeing this behaviour?

If it's too tiny (e.g., because of a narrow Tag Panel) I simply advise to just don't use it and decide for a wider field size like Smaller or Small.

I'm aware that I can adjust the size of the tag panel itself (to the right side). :wink:

My finding is only valid for the smallest possible tag panel size. The size where you can not drag the vertical divider of the panel to the left side no more.
I tought, the "tiny" size should be still functional and useful in this size.

I didn't design the new feature this way. It would require the minimum width of the Tag Panel to be wider than it's now and wide enough to hold the tiny fields in a (possible subjectively) useable way. This would in turn disappoint other users, who often resize the Tag Panel to a smaller size to get more File List estate.

I suggest to not use it if it's too tiny to be useable in your configuration.

The minimum width of the Tag Panel can be remain unchanged. Just the width of the "tiny" fields should show at least 2 (TRACK) numbers or better 4 (YEAR) numbers in its smallest size.

But I ignore this new size for now and use the "smaller" one.

They would not be different from Smaller or Small then.

In my environment (and the above screenshots) it would be different.

In "tiny" you can see the year 2 and half of the 0.
In "smaller" you can see 2005 and even have space for at least 2 more numbers.

In "tiny" you can see track 1 and half of the 0.
In "smaller" you can see 10/16 and even have space for at least 1 more number.

In "tiny" you can see Genre R and half of the o.
In "smaller" you can see Rock and even have space for at least 2 more letters.

A size between the current "tiny" and current "smaller" would be perfect.

I've noticed that I didn't answer your initial question: I've tried to make it fit at least one character with the Tag Panel on its smallest width. Depending on the Windows DPI settings (text size percentage) it can also hold two numbers, but I've observed that it's getting more narrow the higher the percentage.

My idea was to allow for really tiny fields (e.g., holding only 1 or 0 for COMPILATION) if necessary. If it's really too narrow, field size Smaller or a slightly wider Tag Panel should do the trick.

Here is an overview of the percentages of the new field sizes:

I think these new sizes allow for a wide variety for combinations.

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I like these new tag sizes, works fine on my 4K monitor set 150%.
Thanks Florian.

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Yes, the new fields are great but as I discussed here there needs to be something half the size of Tiny. I could see the current values working with a 4k set at 150%, but I set it to 100 or 110% because I still have great vision and my 4K is 34" only 18" from my face. In this set up the Tiny field can fit 7 characters even though the tag panel only takes up 1/7th of my monitor.

Perhaps Florian should merge these two threads?

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