New visuals for HTML export

First, sorry for my English :unsure:

What is it?

  1. A new icon:
  2. It's valid in HTML5
  3. You can play your song in navigator
  4. You can add your cover (folder.jpg in album folder)


No Cover

:laughing: (180 KB)

Short question about the mte script "tml_zenairolf_nocover+player.mte" ...

For what it is worth?

$puts(artistNb, %_max_counter%) $replace($get(artistNb), ,)

Why not this way?

$puts(artistNb,%_max_counter%) $get(artistNb)


Thanks I forgotten this, initial I do test with $if and $if2 but it didn't work then I see $ifgreater I didn't test if work without $replace .

I correct it.

You may reduce the html filesize by using smaller base64 codelines.
20150330.icons.1.txt (4.48 KB)... or ...
20150330.icons.2.txt (3.25 KB)

20150330.icons.1.txt (4.48 KB)

20150330.icons.2.txt (3.25 KB)

Thanks I compressed it (142 KB) (142 KB)

This is exactly what I was looking for. But it appears that when albums have multiple discs (disc 1, disc 2, disc 3) that it doesn't separate them. Would it be difficult to make it do so?

Hello ZeNairolf

Thanks for your script. Is it possible to play the entire Album in the Navigator?
If it helps, I have a .m3u playlist in the same Folder.


I work on it, I have free time now, so I will update my player.