No 64-bit version in the Microsoft Store

My Windows is 64-bit and I should have installed the 64-bit version of MP3TAG, but the 32-bit version was actually installed.

And the "Supported languages" in the Microsoft Store page is incomplete. For example it shows that Chinese is not supported (actually it is).

To my knowledge, it's only possible to have either 32-bit or 64-bit per Microsoft Store listing. That means that I'd need to add another listing for the 64-bit version, which I currently don't plan to do.

Instead, I want to switch to 64-bit at some point in the future and let those who rely on 32-bit fall back to the standalone version.

And to add a new supported language, I need to add a completely filled in store page listing for each additional language, which seems to me like the most boring work for 40+ supported languages. It's on my list, but I wasn't bored enough yet.

This just happened. I've just released Mp3tag v3.22 to the Microsoft Store, which is now the 64-bit version of Mp3tag.

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