no lyrics on first mp3

ive just used mp3tag for first time , thought i had done all correct putting lyrics on mp3 but when i try playing mp3 track on my mph player theres no lyrics showing can anyone please help.

What kind of lyrics does your player gernerally show?
There are 2 kind of tags:
unsyncedlyrics (USLT) and synchronized lyrics (SYLT).

Mp3Tag only support unsyncedlyrics.

If you want to use SYLT you have to use another mp3-editor, i.e.

thanks so much for your reply time and patience im first time tryier of this,i use my mpc-hc media player but cant see no lyrics when ive done and play it.[i put in the track on mp3tag then click on extended tag then on field i pick unsycedlyrics then i put lyrics i allready have in then press ok it then shows saved tag in 1 of 1 files then do i convert and which one do i press it has five options [it is so important i master this because these five songs i want too do will never be released on karaoke and are special for me too sing for my mum and dad who have recently passed away it would mean a lot too me

The UNSYNCEDLYRICS field is not for karaoke.
Check if you have a language token in front of the lyrics, e.g.
eng||It's been a hard day's night

You then have to check which languages can be displayed by your player - sometimes they only accept lyrics in the language of the OS language (in my case "deu").
You then best replace the "eng||" with "xxx||".

Also, could you explain what you mean by

What do you convert? Unless you want to do something with external data, no conversion is required.

If you want to get aquainted with the basic functions of this program, it is still advisable to consult the help pages and search this forum.

ok thank you was just not understanding why my lyrics didnt go on too mp3 track