No "sign" (dot) showing mp3tag is active in task line from Windows 11

If You have an app attached to Your task line in Windows 11 only a small dot (or sometimes small line eg while dowing downloads) shows if the task is active. This is missing with mp3tag.

This is working fine here in my test environment (incl. the progress indicator during, e.g., loading of file). Can you please re-check?

Yes. "VorfĂĽhreffekt". Now it works fine for me, too - but I am SURE, it didn't yesterday and the day before (I waited before I filed the bug report) - V 3.10d. So I guess it was depending to some other apps ? I will watch it carefully and contact You if I see this again.

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OK, and NOW it happens again. The taskbar symbol of mp3tag was WITHOUT any "dot/sign", but I knew it was/is active. So I cliked on it and it opened right with the album I was editing - so it must have been open before.
At that pont I clicked on it on the RIGHT end of the taskbar an additional "icon" appeared (only a black sqaure) with an active "dot" under it. And if I click on it - it is also mp3tag. Look like, the click on the "un-marked" mp3tag opened another (second) instance showing itself without the appsymbol...?!
Does this ring a bell in any way for You?

And NOW I could reproduce:
I opened mp3tag by right clicking on an folder (from windows explorer).
mp3tag opens - but the mp3 symbol in the taskbar has NO "active" sign - but the "black sqaure" with an active sign appears instead and - voilĂ  - this IS mp3tag... (had a look in the task manager, only ONE instance of mp3tag is listed...)

I've investigated this over the past hour and it seems that this is a side-effect of the Explorer context menu shell extension. Windows uses a dedicated mechanism to load those extensions in memory (a so-called COM Surrogate) which is apparently listed as separate process without icon in the task bar.

This is far from optimal, but I don't know how to circumvent this currently. I tried to see how other programs are dealing with that and the latest preview of WinRAR shows the same behavior.

If anyone knows how to circumvent this, I'm happy about any pointers.

I think I've found a way to circumvent this and fixed it with Mp3tag v3.12a.