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I recently used Mediamonkey to read my MP3 files. I noticed that there are files with comments although I removed all tags with MP3Tag. That's probably because the tag in the file is probably not a MP3 conform tag? I tried all options (read/write tags), nothing helped. Opening the file with a text editor still shows the entries at the end of the file.
Removing the tag with Mediamonkey works and the comments are deleted...

Not sure to consider it a bug if it's probably not an valid MP3 tag (although recognized by other tools)...

BR & love your tool

Hard to tell what's going on there. You'd need to provide an example file, either via email or PM here at the forums.

Hi Florian,

Thank you for your fast reply, I'll send you a PM with a link to a sample file.
Update: Didn't manage to send a PM, sent an email instead... :wink:

The file has multiple ID3v1 tags separated by garbage at the end of the file. I suggest checking and fixing the files with, e.g., MP3 Diags first in case something seems suspicious:

Thanks for the links, didn't know these tools. All files with a broken ID had the same garbage in the file, maybe a corrupted ID tag tool (all mp3s which where affected were old one)....

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