Not allowed character in track tags, inside playlist

Hello everyone !

Maybe this topic was already mentionned on that subject, but i let you know whatever.
It is not a question for help, just an info i want to share.

OS: Microsoft Windows 11 x64

When creating a playlist with some tracks, the software were always skipping one track on the add.
I've input manually the tracks tags.

Here's an exemple of tags input that doesn't work:

01. Autumn Leaves [Vladimir COSMA variation]
02. Cowboy BeBop Theme

The open and closing brackets "[ ]" were not accepted by MP3TAG, when creating the playlist and so
was skipping the track whose tag where containing the brackets.

I've changed the tag of the first track as it follows:

01. Autumn Leaves (Vladimir COSMA variation)

And it is ok.

Hope it could help newcomers.

PEACE ! :v:

How did you create the playlist?
I just created one from the filename
Ambient Diary.One _ 007 _ Cold _ Strobe Light Network [Blue Glass Mix].mp3
with the function
File>Create playlist (selected files)
and the result was a playlist that foobar2000 played without problems

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I've used the same function, "Create playlist (selected files)".

And played it on VLC, skipping the first of the playlist and only this one (having brackets).
I should try on an other audio player as you did.

Thanks for the info for FOOBAR2000.

No issues in Android players like GoneMAD or Poweramp either.

I just tried my example from above - and that also played with VLC ...
So, could it be that something is wrong with the file itself?

(The reason I asked how you created the playlist: if you had used an exxport script it could be that the square brackets were interpreted as optional parameters and therefore could lead to a broken file link. But as you say that you use the built in function ...)

I've tried again and it don't work.
I've used the create playlist icon and the contextual menu for creating it from selection.
None of them let the track be played.

I will try on another tracks.

Does the file play if you play it directly?
Could you submit the file that causes the problems so that others could have a look?

Have you used a tool like MP3 Diags or MP3val to check the integrity of the audio file itself? Maybe it has nothing to do with the playlist.