Not capitalizing letters

I'm a mac user. I want to edit the file names so that there are capital letters for artist, album, etc. But the Action button I used on a PC before, CD-R, does not work when I use it on my mac. How do I fix this?

Could you be a little more specific?
Why do you use an action to get tracks for a CD instead of an action to convert the case if you want to capitalize letters?
To create filenames from tags can be achieved (best/easiest) with the function

If I use the Convert -> Tag Filename option that does create the file pattern I prefer. But it will not change the the artist, album, or titles to words with capital letters. When I choose the Action option, at least on a PC, it capitalizes the first letter of each word, so that the artist name is capitalized, the album name is capitalized and so on. On my Mac, this does not work. I have to manually go through each file and capitalize each letter, which is tedious and not practical when you have over 100 GB of music files you want properly tagged.

Perhaps one of these threads helps:

and many more - use the search word "mac case filename"

Thank you. I'll look into your recommendations.