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I have been experiencing a problem when I import my music folder, the 'Genre" field shows a single number (7 or 8) rather than the actual genre name. I only use MP3Tag for editing when I update my music folder. Looking at the genre field in my music app (iTunes or Winamp), the genre fields are correct. Mac version (latest update) as well as the windows version (latest update).

I checked the preferences and did not see anything that addresses this. It is a very small percentage of my files; however, changing each one when they are natively correct would be cumbersome. I could just leave them, they are correct in my music app, but thought I'd ask.

Any help would be appreciated; but again, not critical or a showstopper.

Update: I corrected the MP3Tag genre entries manually. Fortunately, they were all of the same genre so a mass correction made it painless. Chalk it up as a glitch, I guess... No worries. I can keep an eye on this and correct as required. I'm sure there are other issues that require attention.

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If you see numbers in the genre field then it could be that another player or conversion tool wrote the ID3V1 genre codes instead of the real names - which it should be for ID3V2 tags.
So I would investigate where those files with the numbers came from.


Yep, that 'splains it. Many thanks...

Shortly after you've reported your observation, another topic described a similar issue with the Windows version of Mp3tag.

I've just released Mp3tag for Mac 1.5.1, which also makes sure that ID3v1 genre numbers are correctly translated for ID3v2.4 TCON frames.

Rgr that...Thanks, Florian.

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