Open source

if mp3tag is free, why isn't it open source? I think it would be a good chance to make debugging easier...

MP3Tag uses a library which is used in another commercial product. :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed spelling.

i don't understand very well...

you mean that mp3tag uses a commercial library and for that reason it can't be open source??

or it uses a free library that is used in another commercial product ??

or the library isn't open source??

you could make a poll for knowing if "fixed spelling" is a very used feature (I think it's not). maybe it should be removed from mp3tag and everyone is happy with open source...

at this point you see that I'd be glad if mp3tag becomes open source...

the only missing feature of mp3tag is open source...

One of Florian's friends uses parts of the MP3Tag code in a commercial product, if I recall correctly.

Huh? My post contained some spelling errors which I have fixed (I wrote "comercial" instead of "commercial"). It has nothing to do with MP3Tag. :slight_smile:

Sebastian is right!

A friend of mine uses parts of Mp3tag's class library in a commercial product and that's why Mp3tag never will be open source.

~ Florian

Hm but is that really an issue? I mean, nowadays you see a lot of commercial products built on an open-source base. For example IDEA community/ultimate, Discord has many parts open-sourced, etc.

If anything, it would rather help him since improvements of the open-source base, which could then be contributed by anyone, will also improve his product. At least that is my understanding of it, correct me if I'm wrong :wink:

Also oops very old Thread - have the circumstances changed?

This thread is almost two decades old!
What was the commercial product? Does it still exist?
I love mp3tag and think it doesn't do anything malicious, but I would still like for it to be open source! Any chance that may happen, ever?

Very unlikely and currently not planned. The reasons are different now, but nothing I feel like discussing.

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