Option for selectively deleting ID3 tags from flac files


I am just getting started ripping and tagging for slimsever. The slimserver WIKI warned that it is possible that Flac files contain ID3 tags, in which case serious problems can ensue.

A thread on this site (/t/2901/1 contradicts that warning. Florian states that Flac files cannot contain ID3 tags, and for that reason MP3Tag options for removing tags do not allow for deleting ID3 tags but not og Vorbis tags.

I brought up this conflict on the slimserver forum (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=30430) and experienced users maintain that flac files can get corrupted with ID3 tags inserted by badly behaved programs.

Being a non-technical newbie to all of this, I do not know who is right or wrong. But I would suggest that if the slimserver community techies are correct, then MP3tag should include an option for finding and selectively deleting ID3 tags from flac files.

I will follow up that suggestion with a question: Can MP3Tag as currently configured detect ID3 tags in flac files and warn of that fact?



This thread here shows the latest status of Mp3tag concerning this situation:
Strip ID3 tags, leave Vorbis tags on FLAC?

His answer expresses the official status.
But it is true some programs do add ID3 tags to flac files( - in fact any file type could have an ID3 tag). But we'd like to stick to the official guidelines

You should also check your EAC settings [F11] and disable [x] Add ID3 tag or any other optoins that add ID3 tags.