Option to remove Lyrics3v2


First thanks a lot for this amazing program.

I would like to know if it's possible to remove ONLY the old Lyrics3v2 tag from mp3s files or add an option to removes "all none ID3/APE tags" on mp3s, always keeping the existing ID3/APE tags.

With Lyrics3v2 I mean something like...

LYRICSBEGININD0000200ETT00049Jackie (East West Connection Twisted Bossa Remix)CRC0000837DC2A91000094LYRICS200

... at the end of the files just before the ID3v1 tag.

This tag is a little annoying since it's no contemplated by mp3 integrity/quality checkers like Encspot or MP3check. For example in Encspot the presence of this tag produce that mp3s display a crc error in the LAME info tag (like if the music data would be altered), MP3check report "invalid bytes at end = X bytes" when it finds files with this tag.

This lyric tag seems to be not used any more by most well known taggers, ID3 & APE have their own field for lyrics so why keep this old outdated tag?

Thanks again for make such a great program and best regards.

It gets removed as soon as you remove an ID3v1 tag (you can write this tag back using the Undo feature).

Kind regards,

Works perfect, thanks a lot Florian!