Order of Action groups can *only* be changed if you execute an action

Let's say you have a list of several Action Groups under the Actions menu.

When you go to Actions > Actions > You can use the up/down arrow icons to select the order in which Actions shortcuts appear.

However, the Action shortcut order can only be changed if you actually execute an action.

The bug fix would involve you setting up the order you like, then simply clicking on Close [or maybe an additional Apply button?]

Instead right now in version 2.70: SELECTING an action, and having it unnecessarily execute is the only way to change the order in which that Action shortcut appears in the menu.

There is also the Utils button at the bottom which has the function "save...". And this saves the current setup. No execution required.

OK. Thank you.

May I suggest changing the name Utils to something more intuitive?
The first thing that comes to mind is Utilities, as in some sort of additional utilities, etc.

Why not Save?

Is Utils supposed to be short for Utilize?
In which case the meaning would be when you 'use' something rather than when you save settings...

Either way, thanks again.

If you try to play around with this attached .mtg file, can you get Artist to Album Artist entry to be moved up, I cannot.

Actions.zip (314 Bytes)

As a workaround I defined empty "No action"- action with is always marked.

So you too didn't realize that there was a strangely named Utils button which is used to Save the order?

In the attached set of links above, I am still only able to save some but not all the Action shortcuts on the list.

I realized this some time ago but I only use the Utils-Button for backup with a special name.
I mainly created this empty action-group because it is necessary to have at least one action group marked and I don't want to accidently execute an action.

Yes, this is a rather bad feature or design within Mp3tag.
You can circumvent the bad behaviour by an empty dummy action group, which is selected forever, and which is named like "NO_ACTION" or whatever you want.


I remember that the invention of the Utils menu goes back to a suggestion in the forum, and it has been implemented very quickly.
An Utils-MTG-group is actually a list of names of all available actiongroups along with their selection status.
The order of the actiongroup names in an Utils-MTG-group, in the moment of creation, is exactly the same order as in the entire actiongroup list.
An Utils-MTG-group does not recognize, when you change the order of the actiongroups throughout the main list of actiongroups.
Also the renaming of an actiongroup will be not reflected into an existing Utils-MTG-group.
This can lead to problems.

After renaming or change in the order within the main overall list of actiongroups, ...
the user has to save all the affected Utils-MTG-groups once again.

The invention of meta-groups was a rush job, and should be re-examined and revised.

For example ... it is not necessary to store all the actiongroups names with their selection status, it should be enough to store only the names of the currently selected actiongroups.
Even the order of actiongroups in an Utils-MTG-group should not be characterized by the order in the main overall list of actiongroups, therefore some sub-dialog is needed to maintain an Utils-MTG-group.


Well I didn't know what I was talking about when I was posting in my posts above.
Found things out the hard way.

I just lost all my Actions shortcuts because I and many other users incorrectly assume that Utils > Save actually saves Actions shortcuts.

It stings pretty bad to find out the hard way that :

To save Actions shortcuts, copy/restore Actions shortcut .mta files from

Windows Vista\7\8\10:


Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mp3tag\data\actions

It just seems that it wouldn't take much to make this part of mp3tag more intuitive.
Frankly, I can't think of many things that are more important than Actions shortcuts importing/exporting.

That's what this program is all about...

What could Actions shortcuts be?
Do you mean the letters that can be addressed with Alt+key?
Those are defined by the & character in front of the letter as part of the name, e.g. C&opy would allow to use Alt-O to call that action.
It is not clear to me how you could loose these.
Or what do you mean?

And coming back to the initial topic: where is the bug?

When you go to Actions > Actions > New

an Actions Shortcut is created in the Actions menu. Please post the correct name for that shortcut so I can start using the correct term.

After default shortcuts of Case Conversion, CD-R and Standard are removed, I am not able to custom set the order in which Action Shortcuts show up in the Actions menu.

This is useful if you have 10 shortcuts and you want the important ones to show on top of the menu.

Please note the 2 arrow buttons on the right of the dialogue right below the group for new, edit and delete.
These 2 buttons allow to move the selected action group in the list.
If you use the Utils>Save ... function, the new order is saved.

Also: a new group is created below the currently selected action group. So if you do not select the last action group in the list, then the new one is created before the end.

See attached screenshot, which explains ...

DD.20150628.0950.CEST, DD.20150724.1329.CEST

Both pathnames should be replaceable by the one pathname ...
Please verify.


I have a quadruple boot Windows 7/XP/8/Vista so I can verify that you are correct and thank you.

Folder shortcut to
may need to be re-created from within Windows XP to work.

It must have a Read-only attribute set.

Very interesting thing I discovered and posted here:

No sir. These are Actions shortcuts. Please post the actual correct name for these:

I call them action groups as they may contain one or more action commands.

You may add a keyboard shortcut and a submenu if you use & in front of the keyboard shortcut letter and # to separate the menu name from the submenu entries ... This might help to structure a longish action group list.

I've made a couple of changes to the action groups dialog with Mp3tag v3.02b, including being able to save the order without executing an action.


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