Perform action with keyboard hotkey? (Mac)

I have found several threads in the forums discussing a keyboard hotkey for user created actions. Apparently it is not possible due to technical limitations. However all threads I have found discuss this for the Windows version exclusively.

Is the situation the same on Mac? Currently it is only possible to launch an action through the menu or through the action button (its arrow down submenu, rather).

A keyboard hotkey (⌘X) would be an amazing feature and would save a lot of time and clicks.

If it is not possible, maybe someone has a tip on a workaround for MacOS?
Perhaps some external program could launch a menu item?

It's much easier on macOS, where you can create keyboard shortcuts for any menu item of any app. This way, you can create keyboard shortcuts for any action group. See this support document for details:

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This is amazing. Saving so much effort with this trick. Thanks!

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