Permissions error sorting files into new folders

Running MP3Tag 1.5 on macOS 12.4. I've used MP3Tag on Windows for many years and I've been using MP3Tag for Mac since release, but I've only recently really started to try more sophisticated actions. Today I tried to use an action group to rename files and sort them into new directories, but MP3Tag could not complete the action due to a permissions error.

Action #1:
Format: %_workingpath%/%albumartist%/%album%/

Action #2:
Format: $num(%track%,2) %title%

Error message when running action:

You don’t have permission to save the file “Orchestral Fantasy 2016 Vol. 1” in the folder “Orchestral Fantasy”.To view or change permissions, select the item in the Finder and choose File > Get Info.

The source directory is:

/Users/user/Desktop/_Music Org Project/YT Musicians (Needs Organized)/Andrew Thompson (Orchestral Fantasy)/Orchestral Fantasy Patreon

The destination directory is intended to be:

/Users/users/Desktop/_Music Org Project/YT Musicians (Needs Organized)/Andrew Thompson (Orchestral Fantasy)/Album Artist/Album

I've granted MP3Tag Full Disk permissions, restarted the app and the Mac, added the files by dragging and dropping the parent directory ("Andrew Thompson (Orchestral Fantasy)") and by using CMD+O to open the parent directory.

Is there a process error that I'm missing? Am I using the %_workingpath% parameter incorrectly?

I also had the same error when I attempted to organize within the existing directory using the Format Tag Field quick action below on the the _FILENAME and _DIRECTORY fields.

Quick Action :
Format: %_folderpath%/%albumartist%/%album%

Thanks for any help and for a great application all these years.

Yes, it's not existent on the Mac and resolves to the empty string. See this topic from the documentation for a list of available placeholders:

To be sure it's not related to a sandboxing issue, can you try this command via while Mp3tag being closed:

defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag SecurityScopedBookmarks

After that, load the folder (not the individual files) via ⌘O and see if the issue persists.

Thanks! I must have been looking at the Windows documentation on the format string options by mistake.

That would seem to explain my issues since placeholders %_workingdir% and %_workingpath% aren’t available In the Mac version. So I have invalid format strings.

I’ll try the defaults command as well if I’m still having issues once I have a correct string. I have already tested adding the top level folder by CMD+O and by dragging and dropping.

Would it be possible to have MP3Tag present a descriptive error about invalid placeholders in a string? I thought %_workingpath% was supported since the app converted the text %_workingpath% to workingpath enclosed in the blue square in the GUI as it does with other placeholders. Does MP3Tag just do that with anything enclosed in %%? An explicit error would be helpful to users like me and might reduce support requests.

With all of that said, is there an option to modify the _DIRECTORY field, relative to the current working directory? At the moment my action relies on manually prepending the absolute path to my action for each artist, then manually updating it again with the next set of music for the next artist. I was hoping to automate that process.

It actually doesn't happen too often and there is always Convert → Tag - Tag to try with a preview.

There is no concept of working directory in Mp3tag for Mac. You can simply add files from different directories and work on them either with absolute paths or relative to the files' folders.

So if you can come up with a relative path to use in your action, you'd not need to prepend the absolute path whenever you change the artist. If you're unsure, you can also give an example.

Thank you. I'm finally getting back to this. I am still getting a permissions error when trying to sort the files into new directories automatically. I have run defaults delete app.mp3tag.Mp3tag SecurityScopedBookmarks with MP3Tag closed, then opened the parent (or in some cases grandparent) folder of the files using CMD+O (also tested with drag and drop). I think the issue is how I am using the %_parent_directory% placeholder.

I have a few hundred thousand song files. Varying levels of tagging. Varying forms of folder structure depth and organization. Some albums include text and image files. Some albums are divided into subfolders by disc. I'm trying to ensure that I move all of the files (audio, text, image) and subfolders when sorting and tagging my music. I would like the final structure to look like this:


Right now, I am trying to run this action group when I get the permissions error:

Format Tag Field

Format: _parent_directory/album/

Format Tag Field

Format: $num(%track%,2) %title%

If I add the files into MP3Tag by selecting the grandparent or parent directory from the open dialogue, I still get the same permissions error. Here is an example.

You don’t have permission to save the file “The String Quartet Tribute to Casting Crowns” in the folder “Audio”.

The files in this case are in ~/Audio/Vitamin String Quartet/. The String Quartet Tribute to Casting Crowns would be the album name.

Any insights on what I'm doing wrong?