Placing BitRate in Tag Panel

In the menu for adding items in the Tag Panel, there is no item "Bitrate" even though it is in the Columns menu. If there isn't a big problem, could "Bitrate" be added to the menu for Tag Panel choices?
Thank you for your consideration of this request. Al

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You can't add fields starting with an underscore to the tag panel

Thank you for the information. Now I know why I can't do it. I suppose the only other way to make it readily visible would be to place the "Bitrate" column close to the left end of the Data screen. I did not know about the "Underline" thing. The horse was dead before I started flogging it.

If you desperately need that piece of information, then you may copy the contents of the underscore field to a user-defined field and add that user-defined field to the tag panel.
Of course, that copied data will not be updated automatically - but probably the bitrate won't change in the lifetime of a file.