Please dark theme option

That's great news! Thankyou.

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A quick update: I had several setbacks this past week, one of which that I've learned that there is no easy way to enable dark mode for checkboxes and group frames. Those are widely used in Mp3tag's option dialogs — so a solution was and is necessary.

I've started implementing a custom drawn button control for checkbox buttons. It's surprisingly complex, but I'm slowly getting there.

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Thats good news Florian.

This link to a github project called DarkUI may be of interest! It looks to be a DarkUI built on top of WinForms. Using this library all the forms & controls etc are already dark themed.

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks for the link. I'm using plain Win32 in C++, so this project is not directly related.

I've just released the latest beta version Mp3tag v3.08a with support for Windows 10 dark mode. It's highly experimental, but I hope it's working out nicely.

Would appreciated to know what you all think about it.


Well well welll. finally some darkness here :heart_eyes:

Many thanks, I do like it. Maybe later in the future a "switch" to turn it on or off will maybe help some users, but I do like the darkness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for all the updates al those years !

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I tried the dark mode with 3.08a - but I find the status bar now fairly hard to read: at least when switching between "Standard App Mode" dark and bright, it looks like the status bar does not get repainted: after switching from bright to dark, the numbers remain black and when reverting the settings, it also looks strange:
bright mode
dark mode
Oh yes, and the scrollbar in the tag panel also needs an update after the change.

Strange... I don't have that problem with the statusbar...


Edit... okay, I never switch from bright to dark... I always have dark modus on :smiley:

I've improved the switching behavior with the latest beta Mp3tag v3.08b.

My guess is, that most have dark mode either enabled or disabled and switching while having apps open is not one of the common use cases.

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It looks awful - please revert back to white

Just kidding - HA HA - the most important moment of my life - NOT KIDDING - but I did not get a personalized telegram informing about it; sad, so very sad...

With all seriousness:

Now all those unusual signs that I use for extra markers in Columns for made-up-be-me tag fields like


look kind of weird as there are like negatives of the originals - which there really are [i.e. negatives]. And I did not really notice that until now because I do not use Windows Explorer [where they look the same as in the now dark Mp3tag] - but I use FreeCommander in which I changed various whites to a couple of versions of gold and brown color

I guess I will spend the next 5 years pleading for implementation in Mp3tag of a feature allowing to change the color of its fonts in different boxes / windows

Other than that: from now one I can finally use the grid line in the main window in its dual-color version, as it now consists of black and of nice dark grey

I would also like to point out that the right edge of Tag Panel in docked mode is invisible - there is no vertical line

Thus it is even harder now then before [REQUEST: make it easier to grab the Tag Panel] to expand window of Tag Panel to the right side

I would also like to point out that this recent visual change

in the dark mode is barely visible

One small thing is the progress bar when loading from directories seems to match the background of the window, so only the animated motion is visible. But overall it is great to have dark mode support!

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Thanks for pointing! I've changed that with Mp3tag v3.08c.

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I'm currently running the latest Insider version of Windows 11 and dark mode isn't working in v3.08c. I'm unsure what's the difference between W10 and W11 in regards to dark mode detection but a few apps I use that support it seem to detect it fine.

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Seems like there is some additional work required on my side. I'll try to get dark mode running under Windows 11 with the next beta version. Thanks for letting me know!


Dark mode under Windows 11 should be working now with Mp3tag v3.08d.

It is! This is awesome! Thanks!

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It's now official: I've added support for Dark Mode with the latest version Mp3tag v3.09 (starting with Windows 10).


Thank you! As promised you received another donation :slight_smile:

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