Pop/Click Sound at end of MP3

I get a pop/click at the end of many of my mp3 files after editing my tags. Some times if there isn't enough silence at the end of the track it will cut the track short. I am pretty sure that this has something to do with the way the player is reading the MP3 tags.

I have tested in different players and some do it and some don't. Those that I hear the sound are PotPlayer & MPC-BE, the two that I have tested that don't hear it are VLC and MPC-HC

If I remove all tags using MP3Tag the file plays properly in all players. If I add the tags manually or with a different tagging program, I do not get this sound in any player.

Is there perhaps a setting within MP3Tag that I am missing that is causing this? I have tried the Beta version of MP3Tag and it does the same thing as well. I could not find previous version on the site, but I am up for trying that if there is a place to download them.

I can provide a sample of what this sounds like if you need it.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

see here:

or e.g. here:

I have been messing with it this morning and it appears to be attached somehow to the album art. If I remove the album art or don't add it within MP3tag, it plays correctly. But if I add album art in MP3Tag, it makes the sound.

Again, I can add album art in a different Tagging program it works. It's just something with the way that MP3Tag is handling the art (I think)

Could you check if you write APE tags?
If so, try to edit the tags without writing APE.
Also, if the files already have APE tags, please remove them.
Last time, the player could not cope with this kind of tags.
And anyway: it is no tagging problem, it is a player problem.

That didn't seem to make a difference. I unchecked all of the APE write options and it still did it. I do understand it could be something with the player, it's just odd that about 50% of the players I have tried worked and the other half don't, but all work if I don't write tags with MP3Tag. I have now tried 6 different players and it's literally split right down the middle....lol

I am sure it is how the player is reading the tag, I am just looking for a possible option within MP3Tag that can be changed to resolve the issue so, I can still us my favorite player without the annoying click or cutting my sound short.

I will definitely keep toying with it and my player of choice to see if I can find a workaround or what is causing it.

Thank you for all your help...for the GREAT program too! If you think of anything else, I would love to hear!


Could you load the test files and then apply the following filter:
%_tag% HAS APE

If no files show up, then the APE tags have gone....
Otherwise you still have to remove them.
Or give us a link so that we can check.

I was having similar issues and the APE tags seem to be the cause of the problem. Try this:

Open MP3Tag and click Tools in the menu bar and then click Options.
Expand Tags in the menu tree.
Under Mpeg, check everything under Read and Remove.
Under Write, make sure APEv2 is unchecked.
Click OK.

Now, open a file that you know to have the noise.
You might be able to save yourself the trouble of rewriting all the tags by removing just the image and the putting it back in. If that doesn't do it, click the red X button in the button bar and redo the tags from scratch.

Hope this helps!

Thank you. I will be test both suggestions later tonight.

Unchecking the APE did not seem to work, but after further experimentation, it definitely has something to do with the cover image being an PNG file. If I use a PNG file as the cover, it does it. If I change to a JPG it works fine. If I add a PNG file as the cover art in a different program, it does NOT make the sound.

@Miles_Oldfield Could you try to replicate that?

I'd first remove the APEv2 tags:

  1. Goto Tools → Options → Mpeg and enable only APE under remove and press OK
  2. Select the files and remove the APEv2 tag via File → Remove tag or Ctrl+R

Then, again at Tools → Options → Mpeg, enable everything under Remove and make sure to disable reading and writing of APE if you don't use that and/or have obvious problems with other apps.

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Thanks. I am still learning what all the different versions do. If you don't mind the additional question....

Is APE somehow related to the cover art/PNG files.

And for future reference, should I just be writing ID3 tags only? Specifically talking for MP3 music/audio files. And is v1 or v2 preferred?

If you're enabling writing of APEv2 tags, the cover art is also saved in this version of the tag. APEv2 tags are located at the end of the file, so adding a PNG there adds a noticeable amounts of bytes there and any software that is not capable of reading APEv2 will do a random thing — e.g., produce a pop or click sound.

If you don't use APEv2 (and I don't see a reason why you should), I'd suggest to use ID3v2 only (e.g., ID3v2.3 with UTF-16). ID3v1 is only used with old software and hardware and I'd only use it, if there is a dedicated need for that.

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That's an odd problem. I've tried replicating it by changing a few files from JPG to PNG, but there is no change in the music part of the file at all. No noise, same amount of silence at the end. My MP3 files use a mixture of PNG and JPG pictures, just depending on what format it was when I downloaded it from the net. I've never had issues with PNG files.

The PNG file is probably just larger in bytes and, thus, more noticeable. And the other program was probably just not writing any APEv2 tags at all.

As I've said earlier, removing APEv2 and not writing them again is the way to go here.

Thanks for all the help. Between the PNG/JPG thing and the APE settings, I think I have it under control to have it play correctly in my player of choice.