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Hi. I have what I assume to be a very basic question.

The people who set up my BluOS Vault for me also set up mp3tag so I could edit the cd descriptions. I have really enjoyed using it, both to correct errors and to conform the library more to my taste.

It was setup so that when I opened the program, it would populate the screen with my library files. Now it doesn’t do that; I just get the blank chart. I don’t mind having to start the process manually. My problem is that I don’t know where to find my library files to add them in.

Thanks for any help.

I hope that you do know where your music files are located.
To add files to MP3tag ...
... drag&drop them from the Windows Explorer
... or use File>Open Folder and navigate to the folder that you want to open
... or set a start folder in Tolls>Options>Directories

Thanks. Unfortunately, all I do is word processing and web surfing, so when it comes to things like this all I can do is flail and hope for the best. I understand that programs like this are not written with people like me in mind, that more knowledge than I have is assumed, so I don’t really get upset when things don’t work.

Here are the results of my flailing:

There is nothing in File that says Open Folder.

The address I typed into the startup box starts with Network and is probably not the real address. At any rate, nothing happened when I restarted the program.

After much flailing, I managed to drag the Music folder to the mp3tag program, and was briefly excited when it started working. Unfortunately, it is working in a completely different way than what I am used to, and it says it will talk 4 hours and 45 minutes to load. It usually takes 10-15 minutes, so I’m not sure what it’s doing and I hope it’s not doing something terrible to me

Please try it with File -> Change directory and then browse to the folder that contains your audio files.

If you don't know where that could be, you should ask the people who set up your BluOS Vault. Unfortunately, we have no idea where do you save your music files...

This would indicate that you have hundred of thousands of songs to load or they are saved on a very slow type of storage. Instead of loading your entire folder with all subfolders, you could drag & drop a subfolder only into Mp3tag.

As long as you don't manipulate anything on your loaded songs, Mp3tag doesn't execute any changes by itself or automatically.

Maybe this helps:

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