Portable installation

Was wondering if there were any plans to create a portable installation of Mp3tag.

I keep my collection on a portable drive that I take to work with me, and it would be nice to have my favorite editor with me (installing outside apps is heavily frowned upon).

This is the question that I have come here to ask also and it is a bit sad nobody has bothered to reply.

I have tried a zillion tag editors and mp3tag surpasses every one of them by far except for this one tiny drawback which makes it impossible for me to take this everywhere I go on a USB drive.

There is a very big trend towards portable utilities these days and I cannot see why this other wise perfect program could not have then option to save settings to an ini file in the program directory.

Please developers would you consider adding this for people like me who like both portability and a squeaky clean registry?

Thanks for reading.

First of all: THANK YOU! This program is ABSOLUTELY amazing, and something i was looking for since ages!!! :w00t:
It would be plain perfect to me if there was a chance to make it portable, with settings written to the application folder. Now I can install it, copy it to my usb drive, uninstall it and then run it flawlessly, but i have to rebuild my preferences from scratch every time. If you could consider that option, i will be glad to sponsor your program to my favourite software library (www.portablefreeware.com) :wink:

Thanks a lot in advance! :smiley:

Merged the topics. Still no decision about it. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

If it matters, I just wanted to make my vote for a config file in the program directory as well (be it ini/xml/whatever).

FYI: if I'd change the way the settings are stored, I'd use %appdata% as settings folders which works more nicely in multi-user or non-admin environments :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

I see your point about multi-users and non-admins. Will there be an option to store data in a custom folder (similar to current)? I repoint it back to program directory. If the config files are all stored at the location specified, then you'll have a truly portable solution.

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Oh come on Florian. There are just so many advantages to having an option to make this fantastic application portable. It's so much friendly to my windows registry and so many freeware programmers are moving towards the portability option these days.

Please, please reconsider your stance on this.

Another vote for this... I've made a long list of actions cleaning up tags... I want to be able to use them on my other PC too... Tried copying the whole application folder across after install... Nada... Using the export config didn't keep the actions either... :frowning:

Actions are stored in %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\actions. You have to copy the directory %APPDATA%\Mp3tag to the other PC.

This thread is mainly about using some config file instead of the windows registry for application settings and I'm considering this for a future release.

Best regards,

I think that a portable installation means that you can use your program on another pc from a portable drive or from a USB key without installing it, but simply executing the program.
So the problem is not only the config file, but also actions, web sources, custom export and generally all the stuff that is in the %APPDATA%\Mp3tag directory.
Of course you can copy this directory, as you suggest (but this is not the best thing to do when you are working on another pc) or you may think of some configuration setting that say to MP3Tag to use a given path instead of %appdata%.

I like the idea, but I can live without it; don't know how much work this can be for you and if you like it too.

Thanks so much Florian. I use this on three different PC's and would love to carry it around on my USB stick too. Can't wait to see a Portable Mp3tag release! :w00t:

I don't want to bother Florian again, so after spending some time googlin' around and a little bit playing with portable apps I've realized I can make it by myself.

And now I got it, a portable MP3Tag installation! :sunglasses:

I'm now testing and working to make it distributable, I mean a clean install with default options; I will post it here in the next days if Florian agree with this portable installation and if I have enough space to post it here (the size of the autoextracting file is 1150 Kb at the moment).

I may send a copy to Florian, if he wants to take a look; I've used some stuff from the site PortableApps.com to make it work without modification of the program code, but I don't like a lot to play with registry settings; so if Florian may reconsider the use of a INI or XML, or whatever he wants to use to save settings, I think this kind of installation will be more stable.

Anyway it seems to work even with settings saved in the registry and export, web sources and actions in %appdata%; my portable install uses a local copy of the registry and a portable appdata dir, so you can port from one pc to another your preferred export, actions ecc.
The only thing not ported is shell integration.

Sorry, but it's not allowed to patch or modify Mp3tag.

Anyway, I'm working on an official solution.


I've moved the configuration which was previously stored in the Windows Registry to a configuration file called mp3tag.cfg.

If this file is stored in Mp3tag's program directory (instead of %APPDATA%\Mp3tag), Mp3tag will treat the program directory as configuration directory and will load export configurations and action groups from this directory.

You can try it with the latest Development Build.

Hope you'll like it, it was a lot of work! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Well, lot of work indeed, but oh boy, why do you use your own proprietary config file?
Couldn't this be done by a human readable standard inifile or even more current xml file?


I know that many users would prefer XML over a binary format but I decided to use my own configuration file format because it's easier to maintain. Providing a human readable - and especially editable - configuration file, would require much more error and consistency checking than this binary format.

Florian, in relation to other MP3 tagging applications, that do much the same as Mp3tag, your application is beloved, because it has a scriptable widely open user interface. Now you are going to close the door into areas which are well known (Registry, Inifile, XML file) and used by the experienced user.

This is a backward step in your software engineering.

I understand that you have no good meaning about users which are able to edit a configuration file directly. A way to come out of the dilemma would be to offer a user configurable option how to save configuration data: as standard registry entries or into closed config file.


I am still a bit confused.
I took my old install
and renamed my %appdata%\mp3tag\ directory
installed the new version
moved my cfg file.
moved my mte and mta files ti their direcotrie to teh rigth places ... to my c:\program fies\mp3tag...

run it works. now I try ot put that dirory on my usb key and rename my \program files\mp3tag.
and I dont have my settings ( or at least my mtas. and when I creat new one ist trys to saem them to c:\program files\mp3tag.

if I install direclty to my usb key it deosnt seem to work either.

do we not ahve relative path names. ( it looks for c: not f:) or .\

It is still read from and written to the registry.

If you want that Mp3tag reads the mp3tag.cfg file that is in the same folder as Mp3tag.exe you must delete the "Moebius" reg keys before.
Of course you should have Mp3tag run one time before that so it can import your old settings from registry to mp3tag.cfg

When you have deleted all registry entries you can start Mp3tag.exe and it will read from the cfg file.
But it then writes again to the registry and stores the WorkFolder in it (the folder where the cfg file is)

On the next starts Mp3tag determines the location of the WorkFolder from the registry!