Prevent MP3TAG from reading any tags upon opening

Is there a setting (or procedure) that would stop MP3TAG from trying to read any tags on opening? I use MP3TAG strictly as drag-and-drop and would like it to open with just a clean files.

see here:

Presumably, you start by selecting music files via Windows Explorer. After making your selection, you can right-click on the selection and choose the Mp3tag context menu item. That will open Mp3tag with only your selections loaded. No need to create an empty folder.

With this method you can use Windows search to return a bunch of files in different folders and then open them all in Mp3tag with two clicks and no drag and drop.

Pin Mp3tag icon to the Taskbar of your Windows. And then add a playlist to it that list all locations of your music [or just some]

And then when you want a clean Mp3tag- you just click the icon with LMB. And when you want access to files, you click RMB and select additionally when you need

You can also use software like FreeCommander or TotalCommander and define in it a [global] hot key for opening of Mp3tag. Or use for the same purpose some hardware, configured accordingly