Preventing unwanted Case Conversion script actions - logging/review/dummy run possible?


I'm wanting to use a script to fix all the inconsistent cases in my library and something like this seems to fit my needs.

However I'm wary of a script making huge numbers of changes with potentially unwanted results without a method of logging what has been changed or reviewing or reverting changes. The ideal would be for the script to do a dummy run without making changes until they are approved.

Like the quoted thread's OP, I'm not a developer, so please be gentle!

No test run, no log, no reverting (unless you undo it all).
The only way out would be: never to use _ALL as target for a case conversion.
Filter for files that really should get treated.
E.g. all other languages other than English do not capitalize every word in a headline (and I think not even in English that is correct).
So, your precaution is right, not to let loose such a script on all the files in one go - take a subset that you can check at a glance and correct easily.

Mp3tag doesn't offer something like --dry-run

In addition to @ohrenkino s "filter and check" advice, I strongly suggest to backup your collection before you apply mass changes. In the worst case, you could restore your files from such an actual backup.