problem for changing directory

Hi all !
I've dl mp3 tag v2.46a today( I've windows Vista ), but i've a problem : I've a Sony Walkman NWZ-E443, and I want to put it as directory, so I click "Change Directory" Or "Add directory", but my Walkman doesn't appear in the window ( it's displayed when I explore Windows ) so I can't select it. :angry: WTF ???!
Plz answer me, and sorry for my bad english, but I'm french and I don't speak Shakespeare's language very well...

Could you use the explorer first to navigate to the path on the Sony, then copy the path from the address bar and paste it into MP3tag's address field and press enter.
Does the contents then show up?

PS: I am not quite sure if anyone still speaks Shakespeare's English - or what dost thou in thy mind have?

It's possible that the player uses the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
Mp3tag does not support MTP.
You must copy the files to the explorer first.

No... It just say that folder's name isn't valid...

How can I know if my Walkman uses MTP ?
EDIT : Lol, I just saw that when I connect my MP4 to my pc, my walkman display "USB connected (MTP)". So I've the answer to my own question^^

I think I'll do that if I can't do otherwise... I've 250 music files ( 1.2 Go ). It'll be very boring and long, but if it's the only solution... :music:

See if you can change the USB mode to MSC (Mass Storage Class). Then you should be able to load the files into Mp3tag.

Still I wouldn't edit the files on the player. I like to keep the "Master" copy on the PC hard drive, those would be the one's to edit and then just copy them to the player.

Errr... I don't want to change mtp to msc, so i'll do dano's tip.

Thanks for all you answers.
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See you later :music: