Problem with actions to move everything from ft. to end of filename

Trying to move ft. and everything to the right of it from filename to artist.

So this only works correctly if I filter just ft.
Gives me name already exist error if I don't filter.
Feel like this could be another "DUMMY" issue, changed action types, tried a few other things, but can't get it to work without filtering.

Format tag field “ARTIST”:%artist% $mid(%_filename%,$strstr(%_filename%,'ft.'),$len(%_filename%))

Format tag field “_FILENAME”:$if($strstr(%_filename%,'ft.'),$left(%_filename%,$strstr(%_filename%,' ft.')), $ignore_error)

Format tag filed “_FILENAME”:$trim(%_filename%)

Looks pretty darn similar to your other topic.

Change %Albumartist% to %_filename% is about the only difference?

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