Problems with Chinese characters

v3.14k does not read files if the file name contains Chinese characters. Japanese is OK.
v2.39 could read files even if the file name contained Chinese.

It would be helpful if you could support UTF-16.

Have you seen the options:

ohrenkino: Thanks.

If certain characters are included in the filename, v3.14k will fail to read them.
If the character is in the folder name, it will not open without problems.

The character circled " 你"(U+4F60) is included in the Japanese area in Unicord,
but is not normally used in Japanese.

The "?" line is not specific as to which character is affected.

02 西子姑娘.mp3
03 我在你左右.mp3
05 我要你忘了我.mp3
07 心聲悷痕.mp3
09 昨夜你對我一笑.mp3

could it be that you have applied a filter?
AFAIK: MP3tag gets the files as they are presented by the OS. If the OS sees them then MP3tag should see them as well.
What does the status bar at the bottom show? Does the number of loaded files match the number of shown files?

There have been reports about left-out files which were damaged to such an extent that MP3tag would not load them.
So, if the files are new files, then please check them for integrity first (really with a tool, playing them is not enough).

Ohrenkino is right, there isn’t something obviously special about that character and files without it are affected as well.你

However, encoding bugs sometimes have strange and unexpected causes. Are you using the 64bit version of the 3.14 beta version?

I just added

to a filename of a file that was loaded previously and refreshed the list (F5).
The file still got loaded.

could it be that you have applied a filter?

There was a "1" in the filter....
I didn't notice it at all, so thank you very much for fixing the problem.

It seems that the Uni-cord letters were not the problem.

Thank you for telling us about the Unicord letters.

I have already tried 3.14k and 3.15.

As I reported elsewhere, it was not a Unicord character issue,
but a filtering issue, so not all files were being displayed.

Thank you very much.

It was my mistake in not checking for file errors.
Windows 11 Pro's Explorer also showed the tags.

I also interpreted that the file was not corrupted,
because the music played without any problems.

I used the above three tools and "MP3RepairTool" to repair the file,
but found no abnormality.

At any rate, it seems that all the files were not displayed because of the filtering.
Thank you very much for your advice.

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