Programming Macros


I wondering if there is a way of adding/programming macros to run a series of commands.

For example:

The ability to select all files, run pre-defined actions, auto-renumber the tracks (and discs if appropriate) and then rename the files using a pre-defined format e.g. %discnumber% - %track% - %title%

For me, this would be an action to capitalize the first letter of each word in the title, artist and album fields, renumber the tracks and discs and finally reformat the filename.

There is the function of Action groups in which you can put together a number of single actions.
Then there is the option to select a number of action groups in the Actions dialogue (see the check boxes) which are then executed top to bottom in the given order.
You cannot select files with an action.
You cannot renumber files in the same way as the track numbering wizard does (there is no reset of the number when the folder changes) but it is possible to get an increasing number.
see e.g. here: