Protect FLAC Tags against Remove operation similar to Mpeg options?

Is there a way to protect FLAC file tags from removal?

I am performing a major cleanup of my library and am removing all superfluous Tags and renaming tracks/albums in a standard format. However, I have several instances where a folder of FLAC tracks is included and when I use REMOVE TAGS, set under options (Mpeg) to ONLY REMOVE ID3v1 and APE tags, all of the FLAC tags get removed as well. There is no equivalent "Tags" setting under Options for FLAC files analogous to Mpeg files. Does anyone know how to accomplish this, or should this be a feature request?

This is the dialogue in question:

Any kind of data removal should always pinpoint only those files where it really should happen.
So, a filter would be nice, like
%_tag% HAS V1

There is only one way to tag FLAC files properly: with Vorbis Comment tags.
This is not the case for MP3s which allow several standards.
So if you want to remove a single tag version, then you need a way to select only this and leave the other versions alone.
I am pretty sure that if you use a function to remove a whole tag (version) then your observation would also apply to mp4, wav, mkv files.
I still think that a filter would be the best preparation.

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Many thanks, that mostly helps as a workaround, but it would still be very useful, not to mention more consistent to enable that global option for all supported media types/tag types.

I'm having the same issue.
How do I apply this filter. Only function I see mentioning 'filter' is to press F3.
This open a line at bottom of screen, where I enter '%_tag% HAS V1'
When I press enter, all the songs I was working on (both flac and mp3), disappear from screen, I then remove filter and they're back. I'm assuming I'm using the filter incorrectly?

That's how I use it, and it actually works perfectly, as ohrenkino suggested. I haven't found another need for filters, so I have mine set permanently to "%_tag% HAS V1" then just use F3 to turn On/OFF the filter.

A filter defines which files you want to display matching certain criteria.
So, if you define a criterion and the file list becomes empty then it means that there are no files that match that criterion.
In your case it means that you have no files with V1 tags - which is perfect for flac files and depends on the settings which tag versions you have written prviously to MP3 files.

That's exactly correct. I have important software which on occasion gets confused between ID2v1 and ID3v2, so routinely remove all ID3v1 tags. I have Mp3tag set to READ ll formats, Write only ID3v2, and Remove ID3v1 and APE.
I apply the filter (F3), which reveals ONLY files with an ID3v1 tag, and use Remove Tag on just those files which pass the filter.
I remove the filter (F3) and now all files are shown, and none have ID3v1 remaining.

I just wanted to drop in and say what a wonderful solution this proved to be. I had previously completely overlooked the Filter functionality. Thanks so much for this spot-on answer!