Quality Compression option for resize JPG cover

Recently, an option to resize track covers was added. Great, but I have a problem with this feature: it uses 70% quality compression. Too bad because I always use 90%.
Cover resizing is the last thing I need to manage with another software.
No need to ask for each resizing, a small option in "Option>Tags>Advanced" Quality Compression for JPG cover will be enough.

Like many others, Thank you very much for this incredible software.


I also think the current quality is not good enough.
But a possible quality option should be with the "Adjust Cover" dialog and not hidden in some options.

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Agree 100% (or is it 90% :grinning:). I stopped using the built-in conversion because it makes them too small. Would LOVE an option for compression percent.

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Yes, please let us choose the compression quality.