Quality Compression option for resize JPG cover

Recently, an option to resize track covers was added. Great, but I have a problem with this feature: it uses 70% quality compression. Too bad because I always use 90%.
Cover resizing is the last thing I need to manage with another software.
No need to ask for each resizing, a small option in "Option>Tags>Advanced" Quality Compression for JPG cover will be enough.

Like many others, Thank you very much for this incredible software.


I also think the current quality is not good enough.
But a possible quality option should be with the "Adjust Cover" dialog and not hidden in some options.

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Agree 100% (or is it 90% :grinning:). I stopped using the built-in conversion because it makes them too small. Would LOVE an option for compression percent.

+1 :+1:
Yes, please let us choose the compression quality.

I've now added an option to configure the image quality when resizing cover art via Adjust cover with Mp3tag v3.06f.

Thank you for this option @Florian

Could you please let us know the real compression values/numbers behind
"5 x High"
"6 x Medium"
"5 x Low"

Yes, I've decided on a 20% to 100% range, going in 5% increments.

Best = 100%
High = anything > 70%
Medium = anything > 40%
Low = anything else


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