Question Regarding "Edit Field" Use

We always work with FLAC files, but I don't know if that makes any difference. I'd appreciate some clarification on this topic, though.

In the Tools > Options > Tag Panel window, there is the ability to edit characteristics of each field appearing in the Tag Panel. You can create and name a field and you can give it a user-friendly name that appears above the field window, but I do not understand why there is an option for the "default value" of a field. Isn't the field's value supposed to be blank if there is no value for that field? If multiple tracks are selected and that field has different values in those tracks, isn't the field's value supposed to be "keep"? Why would anyone choose "blank" or "enter"? Why is there a need to provide this option, and what should one choose for normal operation?

It's perfectly fine to use the default (which is < keep >). Some people always want to make sure to remove everything from the comment field, some always put their podcast name into certain fields — the use cases vary a lot. I'm sure you find more if you search the forums for the posts that asked to bring back this feature after I've removed it before.

However, many use cases can also simply be accomplished by an action group that contains actions that perform these default edits.

Personally, I would prefer if the default value was a proposed value only if the field is blank. Currently any previous value is overwritten as soon as you save, even if you've only made an edit in a completely different field. I understand that this is how it's meant to work, but it also prevents using the default value as a guiding/proposed/tip value, which would be nice.

I think it would be possible to have both features though. Those who currently use this feature only need it when the field is blank, right? So if the field is blank then Mp3tag could show the default value and otherwise show the already present value, i.e. < keep > for multiple files.

Similar to the Action $if(%field%,%field%,%default value%) or simpler $if(x,y,z)

Sorry for the continued discussion on this topic, Florian. I know this feature was removed and reinstated recently and you're probably sick of it. But since it came up again, I just wanted to say that I think this feature has some additional potential.

see also this thread:

I've read that thread but I found it more natural to post in this thread, the latest one. Perhaps the wrong choice.

Is your link because my proposal has already been tried & dismissed? Because I don't recall that it has. Default values worked somewhat differently before but the overwriting of previous values was always there, unless I have missed something.

After giving it some thought, I can see how < blank > can be used to ensure that an undesired field can be removed from files. For example, we use the field name COMPOSER to name those individuals that wrote the music and/or lyrics and even (perhaps) the poet whose works inspired the theme of composition. Some sources of metadata use the field name SONG WRITER for this purpose, but we disallow that usage as it is too limiting. By far the preferred way to ensure that field is removed and not appear in our files is to use an Action Item such as this one: Remove fields "song writer" Also, if you want a fixed value for the COMMENT field, it seems much easier to use this Action item: Format value "COMMENT":Don't blame me. I didn't vote for him!

I am still mystified when trying to figure out what a default value of < enter > is supposed to do....and what are the consequences of leaving the default value field blank?

I guess I shouldn't worry about it, as for our purposes the default value of < enter > seems to us to be the logical choice.

Dennis...aka "d2b"

Oh no!... I meant to say that the default value of < keep > is our logical choice. I have no idea what the default value of < enter > is intended to facilitate.

Dennis ... aka "d2b"

I feel like I hi-jacked d2b's thread so it would be alright to split and move my posts to a more appropriate thread, possibly the one ohrenkino linked to. Sorry for the trouble.

Some examples of what 'Default value' could be used for, if it didn't overwrite existing values:

Single value only
Multiple values allowed
Must be identical for all tracks on the album
Please refer to documentation of this field
Digit from 1 to 5

This would serve as a guide to help you tag correctly.

I do use the field names in the tag panel to put some info but this would be a nice complement, especially for long texts.

...but I sense that this feature wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea, so the added complexity might not be worth it. At least I have tried to point out some benefits.

You can emulate such a thing with an expression in the column definition (which isn't the tag panel):
Set for "Value"
$if2(%fieldname%,My Text)
And you will see "My Text" in the column if the field isn't filled already. And the good thing: this text does not get saved to the tag field, so you don't have to look for it and delete it.
I still think that the best way to deal with standard values is not to use the tag panel field but to apply an action of the type "Format value". Like that you have full control and you don't get some nasty surprises.

That's a great idea! But alas I would lose the visible overview that the blank columns can give when there's a value missing - which is very useful when you've loaded lots of files. I will tinker with your idea, it might be well suited for some fields but not others.

Then there's also the lack of space on the screen when you have many or wide columns to show all the info (unless you don't mind horizontal scrolling). Fortunately, if the column is to narrow to show the whole text, there's a handy tooltip to show it but unfortunately this tooltip is only visible for 2 seconds. I'm not sure if this is a Windows or Mp3tag issue? It would be great if the tooltip could be extended to last at least 30 seconds, or why not as long as you hover your mouse over the column.

This actually leads me to another idea: A tooltip in the tag panel when you hover over the field name - not to show the field name itself but to show user info. This would be the neatest solution and the best place to inform yourself and your family of certain rules for the field in question.

I've searched around but cannot find the answer to this.

I assume that the tooltip timeout is fixed within Mp3tag, is this correct?

Or is there any (registry) trick in Windows to prolong the timeout?