Quickly Tag multiple "Singles"

I want to quickly tag (Genre, Albumart, ... ) multiple Tracks that have "nothing" in common. Like the weekly top 40s or so.
Currently I have to mark them one by one. Search for the title with "Discogs Artist + Title". (Sometimes) uncheck many values (Album, Albumart, ...).

Any other Tag Sources or Hacks that reduce the pain? :wink:


See here:

Nothing has changed ever since.

Nothing even in the filename that has any indication? If not then Iā€™m afraid manual is the only option.

This would only work if you could find an online source (like Discogs, MusicBrainz etc) providing all the metadata for your songs exactly at this point in time (the exact week for your example).
The "Weekly Top 40" is a random collection of ARTIST and TITLE. The same song can be #1 in one week and #3 the other and #40 the week after. It's impossible to guess the correct chart position for the week you currently tag, only knowing the ARTIST and TITLE.

Guys, please. We are not talking about a specific Top40 whatever chart!
This was just an example to some RANDOM TRACKS NOT BELONGING TO ANY ALBUM AT ALL that where marked AT THE SAME TIME for processing. In order not to process them one by one, which is a mayor pain when you have hundreds of them.

The official, still valid answer:

That's very disappointing. There goes the rest of the weekend. Clicking 245 tracks one after the other.

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which recommends Musicbrainz Picard