"Rating" Mapping Issue with MediaMonkey

Bug: %rating mm% appears to be display MM ratings for MP3s and not for FLACs.

When I right click an MP3 and then click Extended-Tags I see a field called RATING MM and it as a single digit value. However, when I right click a FLAC and then click Extended-Tags in that same filed Called RATING MM there IS a value, but it does NOT display in the %rating mm% column.

Interestingly the value displayed in the Extended-Tags windows for FLAC files seems to be 20 times the number of stars (for example a song with 3.5 stars displays as "70"), but even the 70 does NOT display in the %rating mm%.

I saw a post about some rating info being stored in the %popularimeter% field. Hoping that this may be some sort of alias I could use I added that as a column, but no joy.

Is there some column I could add that would allow me to BOTH display AND make bulk changes to the filed where MM stores its rating information for BOTH MP3 and FLAC files. If so, you have yourself a donator.


Even though MP3tag has extra fields for dedicated players, it all boils down to the original field POPM in mp3 files. This field could have different formats as players developed their own format.
The original format is
This description is for only ID3v2 tags. The playcounter is an optional value.

Syntax: Email|Rating|Playcounter
Example: Mp3tag|255|5
Note: The Rating is an integer between 1 (worst) and 255 (best).
What a player makes of this field and whether it supports it for all file formats ...

It would be interesting to see a file that you tagged with a rating in MM where that is displayed for flacs in MP3tag. It could still be that MM does not save this in the tags but only in its database.

Ohrenkino, Not being a tag expert, I was not able to completely understand your reply as I have no idea where FLAC ratings "should" be kept, ID3 or other, or if ID3 whether v1, or 2 or 3, etc, and something appears to be missing after "The original format is"

What I can say so far is this:

  1. MM DOES store the rating in the FLAC file itself. I say this because when you right click a MM FLAC in MP3Tag, and then click on "Extended Tags", MP3Tag show a Metadata Field called "RATING" and for a MM FLAC file with 1* it shows 20, and for a FLAC file with 2*s it shows 40, etc.
  2. Also, the FC command in windows 10 shows location 000008BA being a 32 for rating 1, 34, for rating 2, etc.

Given the above, I "assumed" that since MP3Tag has a column called "Rating MM", and since that column does display ratings for MP3s, AND since MP3Tag DOES display a value in the right-click "Extended Tags" windows for MM FLAC files (meaning that Mp3Tag IS seeing the rating field (again no idea which field that actually is), that is was simply that MP3tag was not displaying the number it found in the RATING filed (again no idea which field that actually is) in the column called Rating MM as it does with MP3 files.

Maybe it is that MM is storing their FLAC rating in an improper/non-standard way, which , if you could let me know, then I will submit a ticket to them. However, if their FLAC ratings do follow a standard, and you can translate and display the rating that is in the FLAC as you do with MP3s I would certainly appreciate it.

If you should ever have the time to research this, here is a link to a single FLAC song with a range of 1 to 5 stars on them. I will leave this file out there for you for a couple of weeks.

(I have never sent a 1-dirve link before. I hope it works for you)


Right after my last post I came across the following while trying to dig into the mapping issue a little more:

This Wikipedia article on FLAC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FLAC
says that " For tagging, FLAC uses the same system as [Vorbis comments]"

And the Wikipedia article on Vorbis comments: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorbis_comment
says: " The specification gives several example tag names such as TITLE and TRACKNUMBER . Most applications also support common de facto standards, such as DISCNUMBER , RATING , and tags for [ReplayGain] information. Ratings are usually mapped as 1-5 stars with 20,40,60,80,100 as the actual string values."

Now, not a tag expert and I have never heard of Vorbis before, but as it says that "RATING" is a "de facto" standard, and that they are usually mapped as 20,40,60 . . , I suspect that MediaMonkey is using this Vorbis de facto standard for rating their FLACs.

  • AND-
    MP3Tag does seem to see this RATING field in the Extended Tag window,

Of course I realize that the name of your product is not FLACTag, but rather MP3Tag, but if the above is correct, and as your software can edit other FLAC metadata quite nicely, I would appreciate your considering mapping de facto FLAC Vorbis fields (at least the RATING one) in your product.

You simply have to add a mapping in Tools>Options>Tags>Mapping

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Simply adding that single mapping did not make the FLAC ratings show up for me.

I suspect that this is because there may be some additional configuration changes (custom columns?) that I need to make to get the functionality I need, that you would normally expect to be common knowledge of your user base. However, you need not provide additional guidance, as I trust that after I have figured out the other details, it will indeed work.

Other than my struggle with the rating data, your software is quite easy to use, and is superior to anything else I have tried. Especially for the price.

Donation made. Please close out my ticket.

If you create a rating in MM for a flac-file you get an equivalent number in the rating-tagfield in MP3Tag and the other way round.
If you define a column in Mp3Tag with the value and field %rating% it will show up there too. You don't need any mapping.

Mp3s and flacs have different tagging-system. For mp3s nowadays ID3v2-tags are mostly used, for flac the standard is VorbisComment.
If a flac-file has a VorbisComment-tag you can see that in Mp3Tag in the extended tagview:
Flac (Flac)