Re-add ability to sequentially number tracks across multiple discs in one go

Just wanted to mention that we've lost a bit of flexibility here that I was previously using.

I typically tag my tracks "# / total tracks" across multiple discs but I still tag the disc numbers as "# / total disc". I like to see the total number of tracks but I also like know which tracks existed on which disc.

With the previous logic, I had "Track Number" and "Disc Number" selected and it just did this. "Total Track Number" was the total track count and "Disc Number" automatically incremented with each folder.

Now I need to have "Next disc on change of directory" checked to increment the disc count, but that is now forcing my track count to reset for each disc.

In order to do what I was doing before, it seems I now have renumber once with "Track Number" unchecked, "Disc Number" checked, and "Next disc on..." checked. Then I have to do it again with "Track Number" checked and "Disc Number" and "Next disc on..." unchecked. Lots of checking/unchecking now for something that I never had to touch before.

It would be great if resetting track number and increment disc number were handled independently.

Just curious why in this way it is still important to keep the disc number info, if you have already moved to a single track count. There was another thread about this, but I still don’t understand why keeping the disc numbers is relevant if the original track count wasn’t.

Just personal preference. My collection is very large and old, and my folder structure still divides albums by disc. In fact, for the longest time I wasn't even using the disc number tag -- each disc was actually a separate "album". Over COVID I started listening to music a lot again and realized that I wanted to see each multi-disc album as a whole in my player, but I didn't want to lose the disc information. That's when I combined all multi-disc albums in one "album" and properly assigned the disc number tags. However, while playing, I didn't like fact that I could be 20 songs into an album seeing "02 My Song". In this case I preferred to see the actual order number as well as the total number of tracks, but I didn't want to lose the disc information. I can always revert track numbering based on the disc number, but I can't recover the disc number once it is lost.

The auto-numbering functionality treats track number and disc number mostly independently, but then makes them dependent on each other again with the new option. If the new option were split for tracks and discs, it would simply offer complete flexibility to number your tracks and discs however you want.

What if you used the disc and track number combined for the display?
%discnumber%-%track% %title%

That way both sets can be maintained and your numbering can still follow the original CD info. Just a thought, and of course dependent on your player display as well.

Not a bad idea, but I'll probably hold out -- as a developer myself, I'll take my chances that Florian sees that making the options independent would be probably be the last thing needed to give users total convenient control of their numbering. It just seems odd that there are two distinct sections for tracks and disc, but then one option forces them to be related in a particular way. I think both sections just need a "Reset on change directory". In my case, I would keep it checked for discs and unchecked for tracks. Winner winner chicken dinner! :slight_smile:

I've thought about this for quite some time now: in line of the recent changes, wouldn't that be "Reset track counter on next disc"?

"Reset track counter on next disc" and "Reset disc counter on change directory" would be great... each being within their associated track/disc sections. I think at that point you would have all possibilities covered!

Thanks again for a great tool! Spent a lot COVID lockdown time cleaning up my music library and your tool saved me a ton of time.

I'm not sure, but I think you're looking to closely from the perspective of your particular use case.

I prefer to have the last section on incrementing and resetting counters decoupled from the respective track and disc sections — the concept of "next disc" also affects track numbering and the proposed checkbox of "Reset track counter on next disc" would prevent that if not enabled.

Having a dedicated section for incrementing and resetting counters allows for configuration options that have an effect no matter if writing disc numbers is enabled or not. This would be not the case if it's, as you've suggested, inside the disc numbering section.

It's possible that I'm missing an easier way out of this complexity. If you think so, I would be most interested and would appreciate it, if you could take the time and describe this solution (you can just use text to describe the various sections and options or make a UI mock if you prefer it visually).

I see what you're saying. If the options at the bottom of the form were in the disc numbering section, then I would not be able to control when MP3Tag determines a new disc (to reset my track number) unless I actually choose to renumber discs as well (which I may not want to do).

I realize that everyone sees it differently so there is no right or wrong. I guess I see it working like this:

[ ] Track Number
....Begin at track number: 1
....[ ] Save total count of tracks: 1
....[ ] Leading zeroes for track numbers (01, 02, ...)
....[ ] Reset track number/counter on disc change
....[ ] Reset track number/counter on change of
........[ALBUM ]

[ ] Disc Number
....Begin at disc number 1
....[ ] Save total count of discs 1
....[ ] Leading zeroes for disc numbers (01, 02, ...)
....[ ] Reset disc counter on change of
........[ALBUM ]

[ ] Next disc on change of folder
[ ] Next disc on change of
........[ALBUM ]

I don't think "Reset disc counter" affects anything but disc numbering so it could be in the disc numbering section. Maybe I'm wrong.

That would leave just the two options at the bottom related to how MP3Tag determines a new disc. I think it functionally groups well.

I added the option "Reset track number/counter on disc change" to the track numbering section. This just says reset the track number if the disc changes (or not). How we actually determine a disc change is based on the options at the bottom. I could change those options and my track numbering would simply follow if I chose.

I also added "Reset track number/counter on change of" because if anyone tried to batch convert multiple albums with my numbering scheme, they would want the track number resetting when MP3Tag detected a new album but not on every folder change.

So for the normal sane users who want their track numbers from 1..n on every disc of every album, they would check "Reset track number/counter on disc change" and they would likely have "Next disc on change of folder" selected if each disc was in its own folder. Disc counter would reset on change of ALBUM.

For my unusual numbering, I would choose not to check "Reset track number/counter on disc change" and keep "Reset track number/counter on change of: ALBUM" selected. This would cause my track numbers to increment across all discs of an album, but reset on an album change.

My discs would increment on change of folder because I have all discs in separate folders, and I would reset my disc counter on change of ALBUM.

Would this now accomplish everything?

Thank you for the detailed description.

I think Reset track counter on change of FIELD is not really needed as this could be steered via Reset track counter on next disc and, in addition, I would implicitly reset the track counter if the disc counter is reset.

I think it's even more unlikely to have one use correct disc numbering, but sequential track numbering across multiple discs and albums.

I your example, you'd have

[X] Next disc on change of directory
[ ] Reset track counter on next disc
[X] Reset disc counter on change of ALBUM

The last option would implicity reset the track counter as well.


If you force track count reset on disc count reset, which I think is logical, then no, we wouldn't need the reset on field option. Disc counter could be reset on field ALBUM, which in turn would force the track reset as well. Win win I think!

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Thanks again for your feedback!

I've just released Mp3tag v3.19a with the option to Reset track counter on next disc.


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