Reset track counter on change of directory

Seems this subject has been discussed before:

However, I found the thread hard to follow, so I'm not sure what that rational was for removing the option "reset track counter on change of directory" from the Auto-numbering wizard.

"reset track counter on next disc" doesn't work for me because I don't use the disc number field unless the album is a 2 or more disc set. However I do often load a folder with many subfolders - each folder being a different album and therefore I need the track number to reset on each directory. Prior to updating recently, I could do this with no problem.

If there are no plans to bring this option back, can you tell me which was the last version that still had this feature?

Many thanks.

This can still be done. Set the Track counter to reset on next disc, and set the next disc to reset on change of directory (use the _Directory option at the top of the drop-down list).

Thanks! Not at all obvious, but it seems to work.

This was a more recent change, designed to try to expand the wizard functionality while also keeping the basic simplicity of the main box. As you pointed out in your own use case, you don’t use the common tags for the disc number. Others shared some other ways they prefer to have their track and disc numbers reset. So the internal drop-down lists help here.

No doubt we all have our own way of organizing things. I was afraid we'd lost this particular option, but I'm glad that's not the case. I do use the disc number tag, but only with a multidisc set - if its a single-disc album, disc number seems unnecessary.

At any rate, thanks so much for the quick response. I finally decided to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with a clean install, so re-installing everything and making the various tweaks and modifications I like is a long and tedious process. Most every program has its own setup and preferences and they're not always the most obvious, especially for one who knows little about scripts and the like.

For me, Mp3tag is one of the most useful programs out there. Thanks again.

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