Recommendations for Bulk Library

Hello everyone,

Just discovered this lovely community. Looking around on the forum and i have a few very basic questions, i read the FAQ and some othe threads to start.

  1. I have a very large library, "most" is decently tagged but def not all {2terabytes}

  2. Ive ran the standard process so far in actions, im guessing it cleaned up some parameters and grammar stuff.

  3. Can you guys direct me on the site, where they are {user uploaded} or recommend some custom actions to help me even better cleanup my collection. Trying to dig around inside the forum to find a sub forum where they might be posted/described.

Thank you in advance!!

Some common issues in my library :

  1. Alot of tracks have track number in front of the file name : ie "09 Turn Off The Radio"

  2. Alot have AlbumArtist Field blank but all have the Artist field populated.

  3. all the "track" 's are filled out, but some are 1/17, 2/17 instead of 1 and 2 .

  4. Some of the years are off. All of my albums are by year so im doing one year at a time while i do these tags and try to clean it up a bit.

Thank you

How should your filename looks like? Only
Turn Off The Radio

So you want to copy the ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST?

I don't understand what you exactly like to see. 1/17 seems to be perfectly fine for me.

What do you mean "are by year"?

Please be more specific with your needs. Let us know the current situation and the wished new result. Otherwise it becomes difficult to guess what you really want.

You stated some things that you noted in you your collection. But you didn't say whether this bothers you or not. And if it does, what it should look like.

And before you ask any more:
please have a look at the FAQs

and also at the documentation

and then tell us what you need and what you have tried so far to tackle this particular problem.
And all that in 1 thread per topic, if possible.

Correct, i am guessing most would not want the track number in front of the song title? im open to suggestions! but I think would be preferable yes!

Correct Sir, wanted to Batch do this operation. For Some reason alot of ALBUMARTIST is blank.

I collect my albums by year, so i am editing year by year starting at 1993, some of the albums have 1992 tags

Fantastic response. Doing some more reading on the documentation. Code is not my specialty but i am techy! Thank You!

That is why I recommend the FAqs:

As you write in the "General Discussion" part of the forum, I tell you how the filenames looks in my collection:

A\ABBA\Waterloo\1973\08 - Watch out.mp3

To "Batch do this operation" please have a look at the Actions

If you want to mass change a year from 1992 to 1993, filter and then select the ones with 1992 and change the year in the Tag panel to 1993.

Please ask specific questions in the Support part of the forum.
1 thread/question per topic, please.

And you should familiarize yourself with the search function in the upper right corner.

Are you talking about the filename that your operating system sees? Or the actual title of the song that your media player shows?

Often the filename will have the track number (and even disc number for multidisc sets) to keep the files in the same order as the CD.

This may depend on the file type for each track. For the mp3 format you may see it as 1/17, while others like m4a will show a track field with 1 and totaltracks as 17.

Thank you for all the responses , reading away on the literature on the site. takes some time to understand TY

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